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Kevin Lum is an entrepreneurial leader committed to helping others live well and do good in the world.


Kevin Lum

Kevin has has served as an executive level leader at various organizations, most in the non-profit space.

He launched network national network of religious leaders, which grew to 900 members in the first year and eventually 6,000 members in forty-nine states and eleven countries. The network worked with diverse group of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish religious leaders to educate and equip organizations to engage in the work of ending poverty.

Prior to that Kevin served, as the Assistant Director of Reaching Our Cirty, an organization that provided medical care, much needed food, legal aide and a host of other services to the poor of Oklahoma City. Also during his time there, he established and directed the United Families Project, which brought community families together for a meal, a time of fellowship and life-skills training.

Kevin has studied investing and financial planning at Santa Clara University and UCLA Extension.

Kevin is an entrepreneur who is constantly curious and learning. He’s always looking for a new coffee shop and bookstore to wander around in. Kevin lives in Silicon Beach in Los Angeles.




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