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What’s The Strat?

A couple of years ago, I took a class from Anne-Marie Baiynd on day trading. It was a fascinating class, but it never really clicked and I moved on from my dream of day trading. But, I have incredible respect for Anne Marie and I think she’s one of the most honest traders out there.

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Fast Finance: Understanding Bonds

Recently, there’s been a growing interest in what are known as “green bonds” in the impact investing world. Explaining green bonds is for another day, but I wanted to start by quickly explain the difference between stocks and bonds. When it comes to investing, you can be either an owner or a lender. If you own stock (or shares of

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What’s In Your Wallet?

Do you remember the Capital One ads on TV, “What’s in your wallet?” I would be happy to never hear that phrase again. But, as I was thinking about ethical investing this week, I realized I’d like to make a new phrase famous: “What’s in your portfolio?” Here’s why. Most of us are invested in

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