What’s The Strat?

A couple of years ago, I took a class from Anne-Marie Baiynd on day trading. It was a fascinating class, but it never really clicked and I moved on from my dream of day trading. But, I have incredible respect for Anne Marie and I think she’s one of the most honest traders out there.

Over the years, it’s been interesting to watch Anne Marie’s trading evolve and as time went on, she increasingly begin to say that price action is the most important thing for traders to master. Then one day in passing on Twitter she said that if you’re interested in price action — nobody is better than Rob Smith. So, I looked Rob up on Twitter and I was instantly hooked. I spent almost a month going down rabbit holes trying to put together the pieces of The Strat. I am still learning, but I feel my trading has grown exponentially since discovering Rob and The Strat. The problem is, it takes a while to piece it all together. So, I’m going to do my best to put together some information to help you learn The Strat and save you some time!

Step One:

Here are a couple of articles and videos where Rob discusses The Strat:
Start Here: New Trader You
Rob on Trend Spider Webinar
Rob on Benzinga Webinar

Step Two:

Follow Rob Smith on Twitter. Then follow #thestrat community.

Step Three:

Join The Strat community on Facebook — this community has a wealth of knowledge. Be sure to use the search feature. There’s a lot of great content.

Step Four:

Learn from the master himself! Rob has a trading room at Ticker Tocker where he’s on the mic all day long and you can live chat him. This man NEVER stops working. You can join here.

But, Rob also has a ton of free content that’s available:

Rob Smith is the hardest working man in the trading community. By far. He gives so much of his time for free.

Step Five:

Probably the most consistent question I hear once someone learns The Strat is, “Where can I find x study for TOS.” Some of the studies are private and only available, but here are a few that are available.

I’m working on getting permission for my two favorite scripts for TOS.

You can find a couple of different Strat scripts for Trading View here created generously by Crinklebine.

This page is not sponsored by Rob Smith or Ticker Tocker. I’m just a fan.


Kevin Lum

Kevin Lum

Kevin is the founder and CEO of Foundry Financial

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