Kevin Lum is an entrepreneur trying to help you take control of your money. But, ultimately he wants to help people find freedom to live their life on purpose and make a difference in the world.

Kevin has always been an entrepreneur, from selling rocks to his neighbors (that he dug up in his front yard) and eventually launching his first business out of his parents garage at the age of sixteen, becoming the youngest Dish Network dealer in the country.

He then left the for-profit world to serve as an executive at an organization that provided medical care, much needed food, legal aide and a host of other services to the poor of Oklahoma City. From there he joined Sojourners and launched a network national network of progressive leaders with the goal of reducing poverty and making healthcare available to all. The network grew to 900 members in the first year and eventually 6,000 members in forty-nine states and eleven countries.

But, while working to make the world a better pace, Kevin couldn’t shake his passion for personal finance, investing, real estate and helping people find freedom to live their life on purpose. Then in 2015 his father died and he had to help his Mom find an advisor to sort out her finances. But instead, of a helping hand, he found an industry of financial advisors dominated by glorified sales people working on commission — pushing products that were not in his mothers best interest.

So, in 2018, Kevin launched a wealth management firm, Foundry Financial that specializes in helping change the way people relate to their money and the way we invest. Kevin helps clients align their spending and investing through a strategic 3P process, which helps people align their values and finances. Kevin is one of the leading voices on impact investing, socially responsible investing and the growing possibilities of direct indexing. He studied impact investing and financial planning at Santa Clara University and UCLA Extension. Kevin is constantly curious and always looking for a new coffee shop. He lives in Silicon Beach in Los Angeles.
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